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This plate will be screwed back into the door

. Here, we will discuss the procedure of deadbolt installation used by a professional locksmith company in order to provide complete security to your home. Now, install the latch bolt temporarily and screw it into place. Proper installation of a deadbolt lock is equally important to its quality. There will be a cardboard template in the lockset, tape that cardboard template on the marked location.

This plate will be screwed back into the door. After this, close the door and use these pencil marks to make another pencil mark on the door jamb. Drill a hole by using a spade for the latch bolt. This is why you should update your home with advanced security measures to keep you and your family away from any potential harm. Now install the strike plate into the door jamb. Mark the canter edge of the latch bolt by using a pencil.You must be thinking why should you install a deadbolt lock? Certainly, this type of question will pop in your mind because of the cost factor, however it really should be viewed as an investment. Install a deadbolt lock and reduce the chances of single screw barrel burglary. The steps are as follows: First, you must decide the location and position of the deadbolt lock on your entrance door. The locksmith will now cut an outline of the latch bolt plate to a depth that makes the plate flush with the door using both a chisel and hammer. Mark the door jam with a pencil as the center guide. Make sure the spade, you are using is of correct size. Make sure there are no wood chips in the cylinder hole and the latch bolt hole. Please refer to the installation guide to properly line up the latch bolt and cylinder. Lastly, make a hole into the door jamb by using the spade where you are going to place the deadbolt. A deadbolt lock can provide extra security to your front entrance door and other main entry doors to your home. Try to adjust the hole according to the cylinder diameter and then drill out the cylinder hole on the door. Today as a result of advanced technology, there are several ways that a thief can enter your home.

There were days when an ordinary lock was able to protect your home from burglaries. This marked spot will be the center of the strike plate that you will mount later on. Use an awl to mark drill points. Next, with the help of a pencil, mark the outline of the latch bolt plate and remove the latch bolt from the door. Clean both holes properly and then place in the latch bolt into the door and after this place the cylinder. Drill carefully and make the hole that matches the exact size.